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Friday, July 16, 2004

I'm angry: The Florida felon rolls seem to show that Jeb is up to his old tricks again.
I'm disturbed but temporarily witholding judgment: Did interim Iraqi President Allawi summarily execute a halfdozen detainees in the days before the handover?  Some witnesses say so, and they have the names of the people allegedly shot by Allawi.
If true -- I'd like to see some more verification -- is this the sort of man we want in charge of a transition to a open democratic society?  I guess this is a gut-check for conservatives, certainly between the neocons and the "nuke&pave" paleocons.  For the neoconservative ideal to come true, there would need to be a clear denunciation of things like what Allawi allegedly did; the whole thing is predicated on an assertion of our superior values and how they can help the world be more like us, and aside from the initial invasion, any further dictatorial, harsh tactics can only muddy the message, in spite of any apparent necessity.
If the United States wants to understand the consequences of supporting a strongman with a (alleged) penchant for summary executions in Iraq, they need look no further than Iraq's eastern neighbor.
I hope these stories aren't true, but if they are, sadly they wont surprise me, as little has in Iraq lately.
I'm curious as to why others are gloating:  Let's keep our eyes on the ball here:
--The CIA and the White House both said, rather frequently, last summer, that the "16 words" should not have been in the SOTU speech.
--Many of the people who attacked Joe Wilson are the same people who spent a lot of energy emphatically defending Ahmed Chalabi.
--As Kevin mentioned in the link, the only bit of real new information regarding Wilson's credibility is that his wife might have been the one who recommended him for the Niger trip, and that's a pretty damn trivial part of this whole thing.
--Does this change the flagrant illegality of a senior administration official leaking Wilson's wife's identity as a CIA operative to Bob Novak as political revenge?  Not in the slightest.  And if there was no wrongdoing, the administration could have said so last summer.
--C'mon!  Wilson is a UCSB alum!  Let's give him a break.
Anyway, for some reason Salon's free day-pass isn't letting me view the rest of Wilson's open letter regarding the Senate report.


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