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Thursday, July 08, 2004

The California NAACP is calling for the resignation of California Education Secretary Richard Riordan, because he told a Santa Barbara pre-schooler named Isis that her name meant "stupid dirty girl."

Hmm, hope nobody tells Riordan that his name means "dick"!

Anyway, look for the McClintockians to join the chorus of calls for his resignation, due to his being "too moderate".

UPDATE: The Smoking Gun has posted a video of Riordan making the comment in question. From watching it, it's clear that he's trying to make a joke, but either failed horribly to get it right, or was trying to say it with a sort of dry sarcasm on which kids of that age would never pick up. I don't think this is either earth-shattering or worthy of firing, even if it was mind-bogglingly stupid. And if we're gonna make a fuss over the comments of Education Secretaries, we should keep it on the federal level. You, however, are free to make up your own mind.


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