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Wednesday, July 14, 2004


My blog is listed among the expansive collection of Daily Kos Reader Blogs, that is, blogs of people who have contributed to DKos in some way/shape/form.

Some of the people on the list, such as Folkbum, have blogrolled the entire list of DKos Reader blogs on their personal blogs, and mad props go out to them. To render myself a more active member of this non-community community, I've provided a link to a list of these blogs at the top of my blogroll on the left, and I will begin to occasionally do roundups of good stuff from a few randomly selected blogs from the list on a weekly-or-so basis.

Okay let's give this a shot:

--At Big, Left, Outside, Al Giordano is having a tournament/contest in which readers submit speeches they'd like to see John Kerry make when he accepts the Democratic nomination at the end of this month. The deadline is July 22nd, so hurry!

--The Department of Louise mocks Man-On-Dog Santorum's rhetoric and notices some things about the President's body language.

--Some interesting thoughts over at That Good Night on the recent developments involving the Israeli wall security barrier.


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