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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Right now, Berkeley is covered with flyers alerting the local citizenry to the Nader-Camejo campaign's kickoff rally on Friday in San Francisco.  Any large-enough pole or newspaper vendor in the area immediately around campus has a flyer with the visages of the longtime consumer advocate and the former gubernatorial candidate on them.
Unfortunately, the flyers have two notable problems:
1) They're really, really white.
2) There's a healthy amount of blank space on the right.
Because of this, the flyers are just asking for highly-visible graffiti.  And sure enough, many of them have large marker scribblings on them, notably "BUSH-NADER 2004" and "MY EGO IS YOUR DOWNFALL", with the requisite arrow pointing at Ralph.
Well, at least it's good to see that the far left in Berkeley finally has some credible opposition for once!
I thought about adding to the graffiti, but I momentarily forgot how to spell "Duverger".


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