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Friday, June 17, 2005


Kevin Drum: Jeb Bush is insane.

Terry Moran bitch-slaps Scottie-doo.

Tom Burka presents "Ask Dr. Frist"

Chris Bowers, in 2000+ words, tackles the issue of why there isn't a Dean-like progressive among the current crop of 2008 Dem Prez hopefuls.

From the looks of it, The Poor Man needs, well, money.

Juan Cole catches Tom Friedman drifting into fantasyland.

Heather watches FauxNews so we don't have to. Also, they're a bunch of fuckin' liars. There, I said my piece.

Nico reports on a strange speech given by GOP Congressman Cliff Stearns on witholding money from the UN, in which he discusses . . . a dream he had. As long as he's giving an "I have a dream" speech, he should talk to those 13 pro-lynching GOP Senators.


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