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Sunday, June 12, 2005


Okay, with finals and commencement out of the way, and with my long-term departure from the UCSB area looming in around a month (would be now, but shit, I like it here), I thought I should plug a couple of worthy blogs written by continuing students here at UCSB. They are:
Politik (, written by student and fellow Campus Democrats member Heather B. She appears to be as much of a news/political junkie as I am, and is a fellow Bay Area resident transplanted to the oil-drill-lined coast of Santa Barbara. Also, word has it she can shred the cello. Her blog is an insightful and entertaining read.


Permanent Daylight (, a part-personal, part-political blog run by Spencer, another Campus Dem. Ask him about his Arnold impression. Also, soon he will be interning at the State Department, let's hope Bolton isn't around to chase him through hallways by then.
As for me, I'll continue blogging, wherever it is I end up. It was fun being UCSB's most popular student-run political blog for a year (as far as I know), facilitated of course by Nico Pitney's graduation last year. He's now on the team at Think Progress, where his most recent post is on the lunacy of Rep James Sensenbrenner, who threw a temper tantrum on Friday and abruptly shut down a committee hearing on the Patriot Act. I got a chance to watch a rerun of that hearing early this morning on C-SPAN, it was a strange scene. Good for the remaining Dems and the witnesses for continuing to discuss the issue after Sensenbrenner and his boys left the room. I had forgotten until I red Nico's post that Sensenbrenner is the same guy who routinely rewrote Democratic amendments to bills in such a manner as to make the Democrats appear in favor of sexual predators. What a charmer!


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