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Monday, August 16, 2004


--The Renaissance Faire, or RenFaire for short (some people just say "Faire") was quite nice, dressed up somewhat period-ish, pictures may or may not make their way on to this page soon.

--The Olympics are cruising along, I will have some more substantial, and probably humorous things to say about them soon.

--In response to the post just below this one, I essentially get talked past, with the requisite side order of "why is he dragging minority admissions into this?"

Again, very slowly, and then I'm done with this, period:
1) I am of the opinion that James McGreevey's homosexuality was an issue at least on par with anything else (allegations of corruption and a possible yet-to-be-filed harassment suit) in contributing to his decision to resign.
2) Some other people think his homosexuality is, first and foremost, a red herring.
3) Well shit, we disagree.
4) Reviewing the language I used in my initial post on the matter, I see nothing about McGreevey being "victimized". I identified the "eww, gays" sentiment still pervasive in our culture, yet nowhere did I explicitly identify him as a "victim" of said sentiment, and my second post makes that even more abundantly clear. The only place where a conclusion was jumped to was in the imaginations of some of my readers.
5) Oh, and since nobody said anything, no, Arnold wouldn't have been elected.


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