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Saturday, August 14, 2004


Watched small portions of the Olympic opening ceremony. Bjork sang, and all was well with that.

But man, it was nice to see that Tommy Chong's first act after leaving prison was to design the Olympic torch-lighting ceremony:

Sure makes it easier for the audience to sit through that whole ceremony if they have a seventeen thousand kilogram doobie to pass around, I suppose.

Given recent Olympic doping scandals, does this constitute a mixed message? Well no: Steroids and their kin are performance-enhancing drugs. So until the 400-meter Pop Tart Eating Contest makes it in, there shouldn't be a problem.

UPDATE: A quick Googling of the relevant terms reveals this item from 2000:
Nimbin HEMP (Help End Marijuana Prohibition) categorically refuses to comment on the rumour that the Big Joint will be used to light the Olympic Cauldron at the opening ceremony of the 2000 Games in Sydney.

Spokesperson for the organisation, Mr.Michael Balderstone, called upon all Australians to respect the need for secrecy and security around SOCOG's choice for the method of lighting up the Olympic games.

"It's a complete coincidence that the Big Joint is leaving Nimbin for Sydney this week", he said. "Law reform activists are meeting in Sydney for two important events; the culmination of the Freedom Ride Tour of NSW prisons at Long Bay Jail on Father's Day and the inaugural Sydney Hemp Olympix on September 9".
Four years later, I extend my hearty congratulations! Now let's go watch some cartoons...

LAST UPDATE: One more Olympics tidbit for you. Google's temporary Olympic-themed logo is pretty cute.


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