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Thursday, August 12, 2004


I just tied myself down, Clockwork Orange-style (eyelids and everything), and watched Bush's new ad, viewable at Miserable Failure Central.

My thoughts?

-Why is Bush wearing my shirt? I have that damn shirt!

-Gotta love the random close-up shot of his arms. Nothing says "bold leadership" like a monstrous tan. He's been out clearing brush or earning 3 Purple Hearts playing pool-volleyball again, hasn't he.

-What exactly is Laura looking at?

-They're using the same friggin music from the very first round of Bush04 ads, the "it's not my fault" series. That same piano, and that same precious muted trumpet . . . takes me back to the wonderful days of the primary campaign. YYEEAAAARRRGGHHH!

-That pick-up-the-kids line is, well, weird.
"I can't imagine the great agony of a mom or a dad having to make the decision about which child to pick up first on September the eleventh."
First of all, in the phrase "make the decision" he pretty much puts a comma after "make". But doesn't the message of the line pretty much amount to "Remember 9/11? Weren't you scared that day? Am I making you scared now? Good, vote for me."

-From there, it's just the usual "we will not this, we will not that" platitudes he's been giving us for years.

Ok that's enough, I'm out for the night.


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