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Monday, October 31, 2005


On Monday, President Bush is supposed to select the new nominee to fill Sandra Day O'Connor's seat on the Supreme Court. In advance of this event, I have fashioned the following brief congratulatory letter:
Dear _______________,


After an exhaustive and comprehensive search process, President George W Bush has decided that you are almost as qualified as Harriet Miers is to serve on the United States Supreme Court!

Warmest regards,

"Official A"
I expect, nay, demand a series of questions from the White House press corps regarding what it is about Bush's new nominee that made Bush pass over him/her in favor of Harriet Miers in the first place. As long as they're gonna try to change the subject, let's see them squirm.

UPDATE (ungodly hour on the west coast): CNN reporting that Samuel Alito, of dissenting-vote-in-Casey fame, is Bush's nominee. The conservatarian base should be happier with this one. This would be a ripe time for the Democrats to take a stand. Jeffrey Toobin just noted that Alito's nickname is "Scalito". Yeah. Let's take that 56-60% disapproval rating out for a spin, see what it can do.

And hey! Just like Harriet, he's got a blog too! hehehe.

The statements released today by interested parties on the left will be telling.


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