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Friday, October 28, 2005


Fitzgerald to hold press conference at 11 AM Pacific (2pm eastern). Word is Libby will be indicted, and Karl Rove won't be indicted today, but remains under investigation (in other words, no decision yet on charges for him).

For my purposes, I like this scenario. A high-level administration official is indicted, yet because Rove remains in legal jeopardy, the administration is still forced to pay lip service to the investigation, and their attack dogs are put in a precarious position. And it's not like this will help Rove sleep at night.

In other words, let's quote Joe Pesci as David Ferrie in JFK:

"They got me by the balls"

Mark Kleiman has more along these lines. His analogy of choice: "water torture". No problem for Cheney or Al Gonzales, no doubt.

It looks like Fitzmas may turn into one of those extended holidays.

Fitznukah. (proper spelling: Cfitznukah)


Or my personal favorite,



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