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Friday, October 28, 2005


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...He starts out by hammering home the point that Plame's CIA work was not known.

...Now he's talking about how secret the investigation has been. A subtle (or not so subtle?) jab at one Ken Starr. How fitting that the most leak-free operation in Washington has been an investigation into a leak.

...Talking about how Libby claimed he got the information. He claimed he got it from Pumpkinhead Tim. Hammering him in a very-easy-to-understand fashion. Says Libby learned about Valerie from govt officials. From a CIA officer, from an undersec of State, and the Vice President. Uh oh! Those two words are going to be big, big trouble for Big Time for the rest of Bush's term... if he's around that long.

...Libby talked about it a month prior to when he claimed to! How's that for a forgettery?

...Fitz is making it clear that these charges aren't technical, and that the crimes committed were central to the leak itself, a straight-up coverup.

...Now that Fitz has said all of this, Judith Miller is going to look like an absolute buffoon (or.... LIAR!) for her "I don't remember" story.

...Doesn't seem like there's a "Mr X" in the context of these indictments, as he says Libby was the first person to tell a reporter.

...CNN flashing on the screen that with the charges, Scooter Libby faces a maximum of 30 years in prison. These are not "minor technicalities," Senator Hutchinson.

...Completely coy on Rove. That will not help Turd Blossom sleep at night.

...I love this hilariously unsubtle photo-op speech Cheney is making with soldiers on the stage behind him. Thank you, Situation Room!

...And now there's a simultaneous Bush speech too! Somehow, not being able to hear it may just help him a little bit.

...On the "technicality" RNC talking point: "That talking point won't fly."

...Does CNN have any non-crutches pictures of Libby standing up?

...The reporters are running out of questions they can ask where Fitz is able to give full answers to. Now Wolf is cutting in. And now I must go to lunch. Merry Fitzmas!

UPDATE: Move over, Anderson Cooper!

UPDATE II: Kevin took his Tums and watched Fox when the indictments hit the wires, here's an interesting tidbit:
Fox says that Fitzgerald was planning to indict Karl Rove, but Rove's lawyer produced last-minute evidence that made him back off and decide to continue investigating.
Hmm. Sounds more like can-kicking than exoneration. I guess we'll have to wait and see...

UPDATE III: "Libby learned that Valerie Plame Wilson worked for the CIA from "an Undersecretary of State," which in context could only have been John Bolton."


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