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Thursday, June 23, 2005


Digby writes of the administration (in response to an Atrios post):
They didn't believe in the WMD's they hyped either and we know this for a fact. Gene Lyons pointed out the obvious at the time:
The administration's strategy of loudly proclaiming that Iraq poses a dire threat to U.S. security while making a public spectacle of massing troops along its border as if it were scarcely capable of self-defense makes no sense.
Clearly, they didn't really believe that Saddam had any WMD capability. The governments of the US and Britain would have leveled Iraq before they put over a hundred thousand soldiers out in the open on the Kuwait border if they had. They knew.
Very, very true. And let me add a point to that: When we got in there and didn't find anything in 2003, those both within and outside the administration who professed to be "true believers" in Iraqi WMD didn't express any, you know, urgency that the supposed stockpiles of WMD's were on the loose.

Remember how every few months an article would surface at TechCentralStation or NewsMax suggesting that Saddam's weapons had found their way to Lebanon's Bekaa Valley. Remember also, that those stories never expressed any concern about WMD's supposedly being in a failed state which also happens to be a haven for anti-American and anti-Israeli militant groups. Instead, the stories only mentioned the supposed location of the weapons as a "gotcha!" against those who argued that Saddam didn't have any weapons and/or that our intelligence was flawed/fudged/fixed. (get used to that 3rd word)

In wanting only to be proven right, and in not being even slightly concerned that supposed stockpiles of weapons might fall into worse hands than Saddam, the administration and its media allies proved themselves to be wholly unserious about WMDs. The most logical conclusion from this is that they never believed they were there in the first place. Just as Digby says.


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