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Wednesday, February 02, 2005


The General has a preview of sorts, along with some suggestions.

It appears that Dubya will tell Congress and the American people that Social Security is headed toward bankruptcy. One wonders if he will make this statement within a paragraph of two of talking about how privatization private accounts personal accounts would do very well given an optimistic set of stock market projections. Of course, the market growth projections made by the privatizers personalizers could only happen with a strong economic situation, one that would keep Social Security perfectly solvent and then some anyway. I'd love to see someone get Dubya on the record about this conundrum.

The Bushies did release a few more details of their privatization proposal, discussed by Yglesias and Atrios.

On Iraq, we're sure to hear more of the same, but this time with some glowing talk about the courage of the Iraqi people vis a vis their recent election. Implying, of course, that opponents of the war question their bravery. This stuff is always Thought #1.5 for these guys whenever something good happens; case in point, today's Moonie Times. On the other hand, Charles Pierce gets it. (scroll down)

Lastly, here's Jesse with the betting line.


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