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Monday, September 27, 2004


Lots of great events coming soon, for those of you in the UCSB area.

Tuesday, Sept 28: Dennis Ross, the Ambassador long involved with the Middle East peace process, 8pm, Campbell Hall, $8 (6 for students). I will be at a UCSB Campus Democrats meeting, and thus will be unable to attend.

Sunday, October 10: Seymour Hersh, the journalist who exposed My Lai and Abu Ghraib (No, look over there! Dan Rather put up a piece of paper! Much worse! Heh.). I'm so there. ($12, 10 for students) Hersh wrote a book about Abu Ghraib and its importance, titled Chain of Command. Hmm, it's about torture, and it's called Chain of Command... I had no idea Sy Hersh was a Trekkie!

Monday, October 11: Chris Hedges, former NY Times War Correspondent, and author of an incredibly powerful book on the nature of war. Again, I'm there. ($10, 8 for students)

Sunday, October 17: Chalmers Johnson, author of The Sorrows of Empire and the influential Blowback, a book that proved quite prescient after 9/11. One of my friends has my pre-9/11 first edition paperback copy, so my chances at an autograph are in doubt. ($8, 6 for students)

And if you need to get bummed out,

Thursday, November 18: Alice Sebold. I think I'll invite my sister up for that one. ($15, 10 for students)

On the music front, you ask?

I don't have price figures for these, but they're sure to be much higher.

October 10: Branford Marsalis, famous saxophonist of the Marsalis family, former Tonight Show bandleader. Back in 99 I saw his trumpeter brother Wynton perform at Stanford, mostly Ellington stuff, not bad at all.

October 29: The Jazz Passengers with Creature from the Black Lagoon in 3-D. This will be a mixed-medium performance, with the jazz band playing along to a projection of the classic horror movie. Should be fascinating.

November 3: Angelique Kidjo. Cool.

November 8: Etta James, cool. Expensive, no doubt, but cool.

On the spoken-word/comedy front, December 1 brings the 80% annoying, 20% funny John Leguizamo. Two and a half seasons from now, though, we get David Sedaris on April 25. Another one to invite my sister up for.


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