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Sunday, September 19, 2004


NBC is showing Titanic tonight for some reason. I guess after all those hurricanes, a movie about a boat and a big block of ice is a breath of fresh air.

Here's the thing: NBC won't show Kate Winslet's bare chest, yet they have no problem at all with showing an accurately drawn representation of that same bare chest in the very same scene. Apparently the folks at GE and the FCC think that America's youth is both corruptible and unable to put two and two together.

Which brings me to another question, about Kate Winslet. She has played flashback roles in two movies, Titanic and 2001's uberdepressing Iris. In the former, she grows up to look like Gloria Stuart, while in the latter she morphs into Dame Judi Dench. How can that be? Age notwithstanding, they're quite different human specimens...

Guess it doesn't quite work for me.

Word has it there's a sequel in the works for Eternal Sunshine in which her character grows up to be Marge Simpson...

By the way, the DVD release date for Eternal Sunshine is a week from Tuesday. Huzzah!


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