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Friday, September 17, 2004


Rasmussen polled the nation on Bush and Kerry's respective military service. The questions were framed in a "was the candidate's Vietnam-era service more admirable, less admirable, or about equally admirable to the service of others during that time period?" manner. The results?
Compared to Other Young Men of that Era, was Kerry's Military Service...

More honorable - 26%
Less Honorable - 23%
About the Same - 45%

Compared to Other Young Men of that Era, was Bush's Military Service...

More honorable - 8%
Less Honorable - 41%
About the Same - 46%
(emphasis mine, naturally)

It appears that Rasmussen has inadvertently shown that 8 percent of Americans are just as well-acquainted with a certain white powdery substance as Bush was when he was in the Guard.


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