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Wednesday, July 21, 2004


It was quite good. As with Michael Moore's latest, there wont be much new information for the blog-initiated, but also as with Moore, it's nice to see all that information organized and presented in such a fashion.

The O'Reilly "shut up" montage was rather entertaining. And I had never seen the Jeremy Glick segment before, though I had read a lot about it. Still, I felt a bit shortchanged in the field of outright falsehoods and lies. Then again, there was a lot to talk about, mainly focusing on Fox's technique, and they had to get to everything. Still, I wouldn't have minded if the doctored Richard Clarke testimony found its way into the flick, but that's alright.

Oh, and during the "flip flopper" montage of Fox talking heads criticizing kerry, I saw a familiar, nearly-hypnotic pair of thick, black eyebrows below a reflective bald dome.


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