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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Via Chris Bowers of MyDD, in case you didn't notice, there were a few primaries today.

Dennis Kucinich virtually camped out in Oregon for the last little while, and his efforts have landed him around 16% of the Dem primary vote, a not-insubstantial amount. His hardcore constituency is a significant and important one, and while numbers like this are not comparable to Pat Buchanan's showing in the 1992 NH Primary in terms of popular interpretation, they are significant nonetheless.

Meanwhile in the Arkansas primary, what the hell is LaRouche doing over 5%, and right on Kucinich's tail? True, Arkansas has an open primary, but yeesh!

Lastly, the numbers from Kentucky look as if these primary results were recorded on Super Tuesday but got lost inside the couch for 11 weeks. And for the first time, Lieberman beats Dean. Sigh.


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