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Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Okay, there is no doubt that the massive reorganization of Abu Ghraib prison is a Good Thing, and an act closer to the high standard to which America should hold itself.

Inmates there, who sleep on wooden floors, will be moved to "Camp Redemption," a more modern tented site that opened last week. Tents there will have concrete floors and cots. There are plans to provide mattresses and pillows. And to cope with summer temperatures of 130 degrees or more, electricity is being put in for air conditioning or fans.
"Camp Redemption"?

Okay okay, yes it's true that the Iraqi Governing Council apparently approved that name. (the U.S.-created-and-controlled IGC, of course) And yes, re-naming the prison seems like an impossible task with a very thin line between subtlety and gross hilarity/embarassment. But jeez, that name couldn't be more Orwelian if O'Brien himself was inside one of those tents, resettling his spectacles on his nose.

But putting that aside, isn't this something of a misnomer? After all, the Red Cross report said that 70-90% of those who were arrested were jailed by mistake. If you're incarcerated for absolutely nothing, then you don't need to be redeemed.

UPDATE: Kevin Drum, like, totally steals my idea. Well, probably not. Great minds think alike, baby!


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