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Friday, November 28, 2003


My brother, Mark, is always the prime entertainment of the big Thanksgiving dinner (his Nixon impression is rivaled by none). He's about 19 years my senior, by the way.

He told us about an experience he had back in high school, in New Caanan, CT. On many mornings, he would wait at the local bus stop for his ride to school. At said stop, a classmate of his, a relatively tall, thin, blond girl, would mercilessly tease and berate him. Among other things, she attacked him for the way he looked and his choice of wardrobe.

Over the years, he never put much thought into who that vicious woman was. That is, until the last couple years, when she received a lot of media exposure. There was no doubt...

It was Ann Coulter.

No, really! Ann Coulter was my brother's bully. Given this, my brother could have provided confirmation of her actual age (41), in the period last year when she was lying about it.

When Mark made this connection earlier this year, he immediately emailed Al Franken with the tidbit, but sadly, it didn't make it into THE BEST-SELLING NONFICTION BOOK OF THE YEAR. (i enjoyed that)

So when you add it up, this puts me 2 Kevin Bacon degrees from Ann Coulter. Yikes.


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