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Thursday, November 27, 2003


Drudge links to AP's account of Hillary's visit to Afghanistan, with the breathless headline "Hillary Visit Overshadowed!" As in, Bush's secret visit to a 600-troop reception in Baghdad eclipsed Hillary's trip, along with congressman Reed, to Afghanistan, and later Iraq.

(by the way...

Hillary: Extensive tour of Afghanistan, meeting with thousands of troops, followed by a trip to Iraq.

Bush: Secret, 2-hour stop at the Baghdad Airport, gone as quickly as he came.

...more balls in her left index finger than in his entire...)

Anyway, if overshadowing Hillary was BushCo's rationale for the publicity stunt, than that's pretty friggin childish.

One wonders why Bush didn't take any time out of his speech to the troops to inform them that he wont be appearing at any of their funeral services. Unless Bush claims that this was a "pre-emptive" funeral vist. Oy.


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