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Wednesday, November 26, 2003


Specifically Judy Woodruff and Inside Politics.

They have a discussion of the various campaign ads running in Iowa. They get to the Bush ad that's "making all sorts of news" (or something to that effect). However, while Dean and Gep's ads are shown from start to finish, the RNC's pro-Bush ad had its first 5-8 seconds cut off.

Well what's wrong with that? Two things: First, it shortens the screen time for the most controversial and unfair line ("Some are attacking the President for attacking the terrorists"). And second, they completely omit the portion of the ad that was apparently dubbed. (The flubbed "it would take one vial..." line. If it was dubbed, that would mean Bush directly took part in the ad, when Ed Gillespie claimed otherwise.)

The effect was that CNN and Woodruff made it appear as if Democrats were upset over nothing, and that the ad was strong but not objectionable. That darn liberal media.


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