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Sunday, November 30, 2003


One interesting consequence of the Iraqi insurgency apparent strategy of isolating the US by targeting other foreigners (Italy, Spain, Japan, UN, Red Cross) and Iraqi collaborators is this: The coming-out party of the so-called "flypaper" theory has kinda died down, hasn't it?

It was tacky and cynical enough for the administration to celebrate the deaths of American soldiers as good developments. At least we may be seeing a threshold to the Bushies' arrogance: Telling Americans that the targetting of our allies in Iraq is making us safer wouldn't exactly go over well with the rest of the coalition, let alone the rest of the world, would it? I must say, I'm pleasantly surprised. Not that this means we'll get Bush back at the table in Kyoto or anything...

Soon, Spain will likely hold a dignified memorial ceremony, with Presidnet Aznar in attendance, to honor the fallen Spanish dignitaries. It will be very similar to how Italy dealt with its tragedy earlier this month. But sadly, it will be very different from how our leaders have addressed the fallen American troops from this war.


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