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Thursday, June 08, 2006


First of all, Zarqawi = dead = A Good Thing. This is a good thing that could have happened in 2002, but it's still a good thing today. Will it change conditions there? Well, probably not, but we can hope.

But anyway... Jeff Goldstein, author of the blog Protein Wisdom, is one of the dimmer bulbs in the right wing blogosphere. Today, in blogging about Zarqawi's demise, Jeff removes all doubt. Check out Update 2:
update 2: From a comment over at Club Atrios, we get some sense of who the real enemy is...
Was never quite sure why we didn’t go after him when we had the chance.

Oh, I don’t know--maybe because he’s imaginary ?

Forget Bin Laden--I want Goldstein next.
Cakesniffer | 06.08.06 - 10:23 am | #
Make sure when you do it, you try to take out my wife and kid, too. Wouldn’t want them polluting the world with what remains of my stink, after all. But be careful, brother. I have a secret weapon on my side.
Got that? Apparently Jeff Goldstein thinks that the "Goldstein" referenced by the Atrios commenter is him. Three commenters at Jeff's blog, Carin, Karl and Drew, seem to agree.


Anybody want to help our conservative friends out with the identity of the referenced "Goldstein"?

Maybe the word "imaginary" would help?

Whether or not reading 1984 is a prerequisite for discussing politics and current affairs, the sheer self-importance of this stupidity is astounding.

On the plus side, though, the YouTube video to which Jeff links is rather funny.

UPDATE: Jeff amends his update to read:
Be careful, brother. Because if it’s me you’re talking about, I have a secret weapon on my side.
No notice that the post was altered.

UPDATE II: And then he tacks on,
Guess he finally got the memo.


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