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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Now this was an amusing story to wake up to.

Howard Kaloogian, conservative Republican Congressional candidate to replace convicted felon Duke Cunningham, puts up a picture of a busy urban street on his bio page, claiming that it's of a street in Baghdad, taken during a recent trip to Iraq which he took.

The point of the picture, as you can guess, is to demonstrate how things in Baghdad/Iraq are much better than the LIBRULZ in the media are telling us.

And he has a point.

Er, he would have a point... if the picture was really of Baghdad.

People who have analyzed the photo noticed that much of it was rather fishy. Lots of writing not in Arabic, but instead in Turkish (including the "C with a squiggly line under it"). Western tourists in western garb (notably the girl in the tanktop on the left), and western billboard ads like the Oakley Sunglasses ad on the right. Most of this stuff has led those who've seen the photo to believe that it's from Turkey, specificially Istanbul.

...AND WHADDYA KNOW? The link goes to a picture of the very same street, in Bakirkoy, a suburb of Istanbul.

If the Bushatarians want to convince me that the media is misrepresenting the state of things in Iraq, this wasn't the best way to start.


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