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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


You can watch the results of the California special election as they come in by clicking here.

8:51 PM . . . Just over 12% in, 73-75 are winning (ugh), the rest are losing. As of right now, no precincts in Los Angeles and San Francisco counties have reported.

9:22 PM . . . 73 (abortion) and 74 (teacher tenure) are getting very tight, as more precincts from the Bay Area and LA are getting counted.

9:36 PM . . . Prop 74 just switched from Yes to No, with 22.7% reporting. Only 73 and 75 are currently passing, and the margins for both are dwindling.

9:48 PM . . . Prop 73 moving into a dead heat. Meanwhile the No column for 74 has breathing room, at 51.1%.

9:59 PM . . . Booyah. Prop 73 just flipped, with "No" leading 50.2%. 75 (Arnold's anti-union prop) once had an 11% advantage, and now it's down to 52-48.

10:35 PM . . . Prop 75 is at 50.9% Yes, 49.1% No, with 42.5% reporting. To give you an idea of the movement here, with 15% reporting the split was something like 55-45.

11:10 PM . . . Prop 75 just flipped to "No" (50.1-49.9), so for the moment, Arnold is just plain PWN3D. It could flip back, yes, but it's starting to look like we're exiting the operatic portion of "Bohemian Raphsody", and beginning to bang heads.

11:54 PM . . . "No" is pulling away for each and every ballot initiative. Frankly, I was neither optimistic about 79 and 80 passing, nor was I really that into them, and hey, small price to pay for derailing Arnold's crusade against firefighters, teachers, nurses, organized labor, as well as the Xian right's crusade against women. Earlier tonight at Drudge's place he was pimping the possibility that some of the Arnold-backed propositions might win ("Arnold 2-2?" and later "Arnold 1-3?"). Now that all four of his initiatives are tanking, there is no mention of them on Drudge's site. Sorry!

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