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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


"We need a good advertising campaign for our new chicken fries"

"Chicken fries?"

"Yeah, we have the means to make them vertical and such, we figured, 'hey, let's put them in the fry containers and see if people are gullible enough to buy them!'"

"Hey, did you know that guy who runs The Facts Machine used to chew on fry containers when he was very little?"

"That's nice, but let's try to stay on task, we're trying to come up with an ad here. You're in touch with the youth of today, what kind of music do they listen to?"

"Ummmm... uh... Gwar?"

"Yes! Everything I see on television today tells me that NOW is the time for the great Gwar revival! Why didn't I think of that myself?"

And thus, Coq Roq was born. I smell a good Seth Stevenson article over at Slate in the coming days...


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