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Wednesday, May 25, 2005


From a reflexive standpoint, I'm not immediately opposed to the idea of a Warren Beatty gubernatorial candidacy. Ezra Klein seems psyched about the idea, to the extent that he's looking to buy

Of the candidates I've heard anything about so far, I like what I've heard from Phil Angelides, currently the State Treasurer. However, my warning about his candidacy is that we tried a competency vs flash campaign last year on a national scale, and we came up short, in spite of a mountain on reasons not to re-elect Dubya. Let's fight fire with fire, perhaps?

For a taste of Warren, check out the speech he delivered at the commencement ceremony for UC Berkeley's Goldman School of Public Policy. (there's a video link included)

And not that it matters, but... Annette Benning is a lot more attractive than frail Maria.


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