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Sunday, May 22, 2005


From the Associated Press:
Representatives of the nation's top psychiatric group approved a statement Sunday urging legal recognition of gay marriage. If approved by the association's directors in July, the measure would make the American Psychiatric Association the first major medical group to take such a stance.

The statement supports same-sex marriage "in the interest of maintaining and promoting mental health."


The psychiatric association's statement, approved by voice vote on the first day of its weeklong annual meeting in Atlanta, cites the "positive influence of a stable, adult partnership on the health of all family members."

The resolution recognizes "that gay men and lesbians are full human beings who should be afforded the same human and civil rights," said Margery Sved, a Raleigh, N.C., psychiatrist and member of the assembly's committee on gay and lesbian issues.
This isn't likely to change the minds of the hard-ass evangelicals, who already view the psychiatric establishment as an anti-Christian scourge anyway.

Frankly, if anyone gives some deep thought to the statement, it should be a broad slap in the face of the anti-gay right. Consider that with one hand, the administration tells gay couples that they are patriotic Americans and that they have the right to be who they are, and with the other hand they say to them that their relationships are not valid. Think about how the right is happy enough to say "we're happy to let you be with whoever you want, as long as we're able to continue employing a mechanism by which to subjugate all of you." What a mindfuck! That would depress me too!


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