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Friday, March 25, 2005


In the middle of the feeding (tube) frenzy, the Social Security Trustees released their 2005 report on the status of the current system, saying that the trust fund will keep it solvent until 2041, one year earlier than last year's report. Links to responses from economics-minded bloggers...

Max Sawicky: The books aren't cooked! But we still don't need private accounts!
Brad DeLong: Wait a minute! The earlier insolvency date is because of a new productivity model! The old model would have made the report consistent to those of prior years!
Matthew Yglesias: Hmm, this looks overly pessimistic! And the changes in death rate calculation are mysteriously unexplained!
Atrios: I'll bet the administration wouldn't want to look at stock market projections based on 1.6% productivity growth!
Kevin Drum: Medicare is in a much worse state than Social Security is, so what gives?


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