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Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Okay, I can sympathize with this Michael Bates fellow who just received a nasty letter from his local paper in Tulsa telling him to stop quoting their articles. That's bullshit, excerpting articles is protected speech, under the Fair Use doctrine.

However, guys, must we turn every situation like this into another front in the epic battle of "MSM vs."? If I had to guess, some nitwit at the Tulsa World misunderstood the law. People like Bates have two choices if they want to criticize. They can either go the "print media is an old, lumbering dinosaur (aaah!!) that is slow to either recognize new trends, or understand how they fit into the law, copyright or otherwise" route, or they can reveal themselves as having a nasty case of BIC. (Blogger Inferiority Complex) Oh how often they choose the latter!

Yeesh, don't you people have a quickly-retracted off-the-record comment to form lynchmobs about?


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