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Monday, February 14, 2005


Here I was, about to write a clever lil' post wondering why Matt Drudge's Mock Outrage Brigade was setting its sights on Chris Rock (host of this year's Academy Awards), when I saw that Jack not only wrote my post for me, but he came up with two, count 'em, two derogatory nicknames for Sean Hannity!

I also agree that a virtual red carpet for Mumia-release advocates ain't the best idea, given that, shit, he did it, and a taped statement many years later doesn't do much to dissuade me from that opinion. However, I would imagine that the presentation of Liberty Bells to foreign dignitaries has more to do with "yay Philadelphia" than with "yay you guys". Do Captain Ed, Michelle Malkin and the rest really believe, for example, that Chairman Mao didn't give any China-centric gifts to Nixon when he visited in '72, or that it would have been inappropriate for him to do so?

So this is hardly a major red carpet we're talking about here. The politicians and activists have a particular factual viewpoint about the case (That I think they're wrong is immaterial). This isn't a Klan delegation or something. Nevertheless, since Malkin posts the Philly mayor's email addy, you know she's thinking scalp. Geez, calm down. Have a Hot Pocket or something.


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