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Wednesday, December 15, 2004


I haven't been worked up enough to care about Bernard Kerik. Nor about Yuschenko's dioxin poisoning, the growing debate on the fate of social security, or Rummy's charming comments on the state of our army.

Er, let me put it another way. I care about those things, but not in a must blog it kind of way. Ever since the election, I haven't had the same zest for blogging here. Now, it's not just because of the results of the election; I think I would have had a production letdown anyway. Still, this mojo-loss persists, so bear with me in the coming weeks. I'll be back in full force soon, I think, but there are plenty of great people to read in the meantime, starting with Reb&Tom on the left, and Jack on the right.

In the meantime, people, please be mindful of your usage of the word "Tivo". (full disclosure: TFM's older brother is a programmer for them)


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