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Monday, December 13, 2004


Over at If Six Was Nine we're having an open poll for the best songs and albums of 2004, which I'll be compiling. Here's how it works:
1. There will be two categories: "Best Album of 2004" and "Best Song of 2004"
2. Only albums with 2004 release dates are eligible.
3. Only songs from albums with 2004 release dates and songs released as singles in 2004 are eligible.
4. Each participant will be given 50 points to be distributed among selections in each category - that is, 50 points to distribute among albums released in 2004, and 50 points to distribute among songs released in 2004. This distribution will be subject to the following constraints:
1. Only whole points - no fractions of points - may be given.
2. No more than 15 points may be awarded to any one album or song (the idea here being that if you're truly inclined to give substantially more than 30% of your points to any one album, you've probably been seduced by some kind of novelty.) Point allocations in excess of 15 will be rounded down to 15. (The idea here being that this site is full of would-be cheaters.)
3. You need not allocate all 50 points in either category - in case you are, for instance, disillusioned with the past year in music.
5. Point allocations are to be emailed to no later than 11:59 PM on December 31, 2004. I will compile the results.
Anyone and everyone is invited to make a submission, the more the better. The results will be viewable on 1/1/05 at If Six Was Nine.

Last year was a two-fer for Radiohead, winning in both album and song, edging out The Strokes and The Darkness in the former, and Outkast and Fountains of Wayne in the latter. The thing is, they won mostly due to the lack of diversity of entries, so this year let's get as many in there as possible. Hope to hear from all of you! Your taste in music will not be laughed at.


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