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Saturday, August 07, 2004


Well, isn't that sweet.
President Bush said Friday colleges should end so-called "legacy" admissions, a practice that favors the children of wealthy alumni and helped at least three generations of his family get into Yale.
Having suggested this, the President then proceeded to tidy up his bottom with his Bachelor's from Yale, and promptly enrolled in 12 units down at ol' Crawford CC.

Well, he was for legacy admissions before he was against them.

But in the process of explaining himself, it just gets weirder:
Defending his position on affirmative action before a less-than-friendly audience of minority journalists, Bush said admission to college should be "based upon merit" and not on racial or ethnic quotas.

At the same time, the president said he supports colleges "affirmatively taking action to get more minorities in their schools," a statement that drew applause and a salute from the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who was seated in the front row.
What in the name of Zeus's rectum does that mean?

As President-Elect Al Gore put it in 2000, this was probably just another example of "nice-sounding words" from Bush to a minority audience. Nice-sounding, but ultimately toothless. He'll shake your hand with his right hand, and slip an amicus brief in your back pocket with his left hand.

Heck, it could be good politics. John Kerry incorporated elements of his fellow Democratic candidates' most effective rhetoric into his own public speeches. So on that level, anyone could do that.

The difference, though, is how transparently false this is on Bush's part. And not just false in that it's a different shade from his actual position, but that he's co-opting the language of affirmative action, while he directly opposes the actual policy. His own administration took it all the way to the Supreme Court.

There's lurching toward the center in a general election campaign, and then there's lying toward the center. For other examples of this, open a new window and Google "peace president".


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