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Sunday, July 25, 2004


But not from my site, given the oodles of copyrighted material to be found within this one.

My friend Alex came over today and we spent the balance of the afternoon recording a very amusing cover of a popular 90's dance song, you know, the one from the SNL sketch, Haddaway's infectious "What Is Love". Nothing like dance songs that are titled after Jeopardy! responses.

In the recording, Alex plays bass and provides some backing vocals, and I do the rest (lead vocal, guitars, drums). Three items of note:

1: Listen for the various other bits of highly copyrighted material we threw into this one!
2: Also listen for an unexpected parody!
3: This is a joke song, nothing to be taken seriously. If someone sounds like they're singing badly, we meant it that way, and most everything was done in very few takes.

Okay, here is the link (windows users: right-click and save)
The Downsized Duo - What Is Love? (mp3, 7.1 mb)
Oh yeah, and our ad hoc band name is The Downsized Duo.


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