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Thursday, July 22, 2004


And not only that, but he said some of the things I'd been fantasizing about:
With the same passion and commitment I demonstrated in my own campaign for President, I intend to reach out on behalf of the Kerry-Edwards ticket to unite our party with all those who may have felt left out. I will let them know that the time has come to unite in a common effort for change which is essential not only for America but for the world.

John Kerry can win because there is a place within the Democratic party for everyone, including those who may be thinking of supporting Ralph Nader. Most people know I have many of the same commitments Ralph has.

If there is room for me in the party and the Kerry-Edwards campaign, there is certainly room for Ralph and for his supporters.

Let's unite to create a new government, a new direction, a new opportunity, and new progress.
(link via Political Wire)

Dennis Kucinich was the first primary candidate I ever saw give a speech. He was passionate, very positive, unflinchingly progressive (with the lone exception of his flip epiphany on abortion), and surely inspiring. I do believe that in my lifetime the Democratic Party (or whatever left-of-center party that will be kickin ass at that point) will nominate someone with his politics for President. Dennis is a window to the future, held back by what many cynically refer to as "the heartland", the sticky, gooey middle of America that has been bludgeoned repeatedly by Rush and his clones to closely associate "liberal" with "evil/crazy/commiebastard/etc".

Anyway, kudos to him. We are spirit, and we are stardust!


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