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Thursday, June 10, 2004


Isn't there something missing from this account of the extra close results of a Republican congressional primary in Jersey? (link via Political Wire)
Both candidates in the Republican primary for the First Congressional District went to bed on election night unsure if they would wake up as their party's nominee.

They didn't have any answers in the morning.

Instead, the two men found themselves in a statistical tie yesterday for the right to face a powerful Democratic incumbent.

The unofficial tally, according to both camps, had salesman John Cusack leading lawyer Daniel Hutchison by a single vote: 4,170 to 4,169.

"No one thought this would happen. I should have bought a lottery ticket," Cusack, of Sicklerville, mused yesterday. "I'm ahead by one vote. I'm taking that as a mandate from the people."

The virtual deadlock could be broken by the provisional ballots, which typically are given to voters who show up at the wrong polling place.
Did you catch that?

Nowhere in the Inquirer piece is there any assurance that everyone's favorite mopey-intellectual cute movie star isn't the one running for Congress.

So allow me to step in and calm everybody down.

This is the John Cusack who's running for Congress. He's stridently opposed to abortion, as well as both same-sex marriage and civil unions. But at least in the linked photo he's riding an electric motorcycle, and the caption notes that he "has been active in seeking alternative fuels for use transportation applications, such as Biodiesel- and electricly powered vehicles."


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