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Sunday, June 27, 2004


It's late Saturday night, the SNL rerun is over (it was the Janet episode), and for some reason I click over to Fox News, and find myself stuck on Heartland with John Kasich, hosted by the former GOP Congressman.

He was doing a segment on the Green Party's decision not to endorse Nader/Camejo for President, and he had two guests taking opposing viewpoints on the 2004 election. You know, the usual sock-puppetry.

It's too bad I caught this mid-segment, because Kasich said, and later repeated nearly verbatim (thank tivo for the quote):
The issue of Ralph Nader... Now, today was a bad day for John Kerry because Ralph Nader is not going to be the candidate of the Green Party, he's not gonna be on 22 or 24 states. What's the impact? It seems as though this works big-time for George Bush.

Kasich must have said something before I clicked over that provides this oddly contrarian claim with some more context. But what the hell could he possibly have said? Kasich leaves me no choice but to tear down strawmen:

--With Nader not being on the ballot in some states as a result of the non-endorsement, some progressive voters may not be as energized, perhaps. But of course, that subset of voters probably aren't voting for Kerry anyway.

ummm, lemme think...

--Nader will add this to his general "I'm being shut out!" narrative, potentially causing more disillusionment among the Democratic Party's left flank. But the Greens not endorsing him isn't exactly a charge he can use against the "Republicrats", can he?


--Oh! All those wayward Republicans who left the Bush flock to support Nader will now go back to Bush! Yeah, there are about as many of those as there are Catholics at Bob Jones U.

Other than that, I'm fresh out. The tone of Kasich's voice does suggest that he was just starting the Nader discussion right there, so maybe there was no context or support for his argument asserted.

The Democratic spokesperson made no direct attempt to challenge Kasich's assertion, even though she cold have pointed out the actions of another retired GOP Congressman, Dick Armey, whose group Citizens for a Sound Economy has launched an aggressive effort to get Nader on the ballot in Oregon.

But she had to play Colmes on this day.


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