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Friday, June 25, 2004

GodWin'S LAW

I'm sorry -- well, no I'm not -- but the "Nazi Democrats yell a lot!" video on the front page of Miserable Failure Central just makes me laugh. Really hard.

Imagine the sound-proofed recording studio where a Bush staffer sat next to some keyboardist and debated which three major piano chords best convey that Bush is "an optimist".

And of course, Dick Cheney's recent choice words kind of pull the carpet out from under this ad, don't they?

Using Hitler in a high-profile ad like that is, to say the least, over the line, and I agree with the Kerry campaign, as well as any decent observer, that it should be taken down.

If you want to know why those darn Nazi Democrats are just so darn angry, a good first stop would be the scenes from Fahrenheit 9/11 featuring Lila Lipscomb. I'll be posting a review later, I think. I'm still a little overwhelmed.

POSTSCRIPT: Now that the Bush campaign is going after Kerry by attacking other Democrats for yelling, or being "pessimistic" or something, is this a tacit admission that the Bush negative onslaught against Kerry in the past few months failed? Judging by Kerry's steady/rising favorability ratings, I'd say so!


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