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Tuesday, May 04, 2004


A belated recognition of 2 years of vegetarianism for both myself and for my girlfriend.

What do you think, Lester?

"You rule!"

Thanks, man.

You should go veg, too.

I'm a good but by no means self-righteous vegetarian. I have years and years of fast food under my belt, so I'm a fine one to talk about dietary orthodoxy. I'm at that cheery stage where I remember what McDonald's and In & Out taste like, but have absolutely zero desire to experience those tastes again. I'm not a vocal supporter of some of the sillier things people like PETA have tried to do, such as bribing small towns to get them to rename themselves something veggie-friendly. However, I'm strongly in favor of any sort of veg infiltration into the Milwaukee Brewers' famous "Sausage Race".

As a vegetarian living in Isla Vista, thus with somewhat limited local veg options, I am pleased to welcome the good people of The Pita Pit into town, despite their silly animal-meat-themed logos which remind me a bit of Saturday Night Live's fake commercial for the "Cluckin' Chicken". But really, try the falafel, it's heavenly.


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