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Saturday, May 08, 2004


Well, actually it's a new version of an old song, dating back all the way to January of 2003. I remember those carefree days. Hanx Blix was searching for weapons, and receiving moderate compliance from Saddam Hussein. The Chicago Cubs were dreaming of playoff possiblities in their upcoming season, unable to envision any sort of crazy fan-related scenario that might ever keep them out of the World Series. Gray Davis took an oath of office for what appeared to be a long and productive 2nd term as governor of California. Man, those were good times.

Anyway, the song in question is "Where You Are", which I wrote a long 16 months ago. I recorded a version at that time, which featured vocals, acoustic guitar, organ, a vibraphone of some sort, and I think that's it.

I now present to you a new version of the piece, recorded on the 27th of March, featuring vocals, two electric guitars, bass, and drums. Again, all sounds are made by me.

To download? You must either:
Right-click this link and select "save target as" (4.1 mb),


Go to my old Geocities site and download it there.
I went for a relatively raw, no-frills approach this time around (save for some necessary backing vocals). Well, enjoy!

(NOTE: Once again, if you can't access the site, that means my bandwidth level has been exceeded, which means that I'm a friggin cheapskate. I'll set up an account at the new site soon...)


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