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Friday, May 07, 2004

"An all-beef patty is not a sprinkle!"

Kevin Drum points to this gem in the NY Times, which quotes the CEO of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts blaming the drop in their stock on the Atkins craze.

You tell 'em! Pardon me, but fuck the Atkins diet. It's the most idiotic and more importantly, space-inefficient diet ever devised. Remember, people who are on the Atkins diet eat a disproportionate amount of food that comes from grazing animals, particularly cows, which use up a very, very large land area relative to the food they produce.

You want to lose weight? Exercise and eat less. As for me? Hmm, the nearest Krispy Kreme is in Oxnard...

Along the lines of the content of this post -- CEO's of companies that make unhealthy stuff -- Jack at TigerHawk has some musings on McDonald's and their revolving door of CEO's with health problems that may or may not be related to their product. One bit of spin Jack didn't mention from the article on the non-dead CEO's health problems made me laugh out loud:
"It always undermines the stability of a company when your CEO dies and the other one has to have a surgery," said George Whalin, president of San Marcos, California-based Retail Management Consultants.
Hehehe, that's about a charitable as you can get for McD's sake. That's one of those sentences that cries out for an additional "...especially when...".

The part that Jack did excerpt is equally telling. My interpretation of the Irwin Kruger quote he points to goes something like "C'mon, do you really think our executives are dumb enough to eat that stuff?" I would probably imagine that a similar bit of logic applies to executives from tobacco companies.

A lot of people like to attack the media for a variety of reasons, from all political perspectives. One we can all agree on is that the media can be a bit lazy from time to time. I think that McDonald's CEO's who die of cardiac events give the media a hyper-superficial dot connection that they can't resist.


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