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Thursday, May 06, 2004

A couple of good tidbits:
--The Center for American Progress has posted a detailed strategy for success in Iraq. It all sounds pretty good, provided we can get NATO to send a force. But of course, our current administration is pretty phobic to a lot of these options, including the recommended international summitt (remember the pointless sham meeting at the Azores?), not to mention turning US Authority over to the State Dept, and having open competitive bidding for future contracts. (link via Yglesias)

--Over at David Brock's new site, Media Matters, they take a look at Dick Morris' new Hillary-bashing book and notice that not only does it have problems with the truth, but Morris has a penchant for contradicting himself, or "self-triangulation", as Brock puts it, hehe. An example:
"She Gives No Indication of Having Learned From the Fiasco of Health Care Reform": "In all of Living History there is almost no suggestion of personal growth. She gives no indication of having learned from the fiasco of health care reform." [Morris, Rewriting History, p. 62]

"Hillary has ... Shown Signs of Growth ... After the Health Care Fiasco, for Example": "Hillary has, at times, shown signs of growth: After the health care fiasco, for example, she backed away from further attempts at broad-scale, utopian reforms." [Morris, Rewriting History, p. 62 (just four paragraphs later!)]
Morris' book seems to be crying out for an editor. Media Matters has an update on his book today.


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