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Friday, April 30, 2004


A bit more on the prospect of a Roy Moore presidential candidacy.

The Alabama Supreme Court ruled against his appeal, denying him the possibility of getting his old job back. This effectively clears his schedule for a White House run with the Constitution Party. And this effectively increases the proportion of my brain allocated to wishful thinking. We'll see...

And by the way, Judge Moore, if you want to run for President, TFM has some free advice for you: Just this week in Pennsylvania, Bush's campaign team led the effort to block the nomination for US Senate of a right-wing Christian Republican, Pat Toomey (endorsed by the Dobson, etc) in favor of longtime moderate-extraordinaire Arlen "magic bullet" Specter. That might be just a wee bit interesting to your potential constituency.

Wedge! Wedge!

Hmm, Moore/McClintock 2004... I like it!


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