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Monday, December 29, 2003

Take it to the bank, or at least your local spider hole

It's NFL playoff season again, and you know what that means: More of those delightful Don Cheadle commercials. Unfortunately, it also means more of those less-than-delightful Kid Rock commercials where he professes his love for "twins".

Okay, let's try this out, scores included, and home team in CAPS:
Wild Card:
CAROLINA 16, Dallas 13
Tennessee 31, BALTIMORE 21
GREEN BAY 38, Seattle 14
INDIANAPOLIS 34, Denver 20
In short, this year's wild card weekend will not be nearly as exciting as last year's. Onward:
Divisional Playoff:
ST LOUIS 20, Carolina 12
Indianapolis 27, KANSAS CITY 24
PHILADELPHIA 17, Green Bay 10
NEW ENGLAND 24, Tennessee 20
A more interesting weekend.
Conference Championships:
PHILADELPHIA 23, St Louis 13
NEW ENGLAND 28, Indianapolis 21
The Pats get revenge for that heartbreaking loss in the RCA Dome a couple weeks ago, and the Eagles finally get over the NFC Championship hump.
Super Bowl Thirty-uhhh... Thirty-Something:
Philadelphia Eagles 27, New England Patriots 23
There you have it, folks. Biting political commentary will resume later today.


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