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Friday, December 26, 2003


The recent reports of a confirmed case of mad cow disease within the US got me thinking . . . about The Matrix. Yeah, you heard me.

I remembered Morpheus as he described the endless fields of pod-humans being grown by the machines. In particular, he said something like:
I watched in horror as the dead were fed intravenously to the living...
Hmm. One of the causes of mad cow disease that has been isolated is the practice of including cow meat in the feed of still-living cows. Soooo, does this mean that the machines were unwittingly cultivating a "mad human" disease? Could "entire crops" be "lost" due to this? I wonder if the W Brothers were trying to make a point, nothing they do is by accident.

There, new ground has been broken. Maybe this is because of the unfortunate fact that the conclusion of the trilogy blew more than Ann Coulter on Ronald McDonald*, but whatever.

* - dang, it's too late at night to find that picture


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