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Thursday, December 04, 2003

talent on deferment from vietnam

I made a pact with one of my housemates last night. We would both get up at 9am and, for the first time in many, many years, listen to Rush Limbaugh.

Well, he got drunk and stayed up late, so it was just me.

I was only able to stomach about 45 minutes of the Vulgar Junkie's tripe (actually, I had a class). He spent most of the time I listened formulating conspiracy theories within the Democratic Party, namely, that there will be an epic power struggle between Dean and the Clintons, should the former Vermont governor secure the nomination.

On my watch, Rush encountered two instances of, let's say, irony, an irony that he either didn't perceive or shamelessly ignored. First, he savaged John Kerry for a speech he made at the Council of Foreign Relations. Gee, I'm thinking here, what foreign policy experience does Kerry have that Rush doesn't? See if you can answer that question without muttering the phrase "glorified hemorrhoid".

The second was beyond ridiculous. He brought up the recent conviction of 3 members of the Rwandan media for their role in the genocide that resulted in the slaughter of 800,000 there. Then, as if by sheer reflex, he compared the conduct of these men -- often they would notify listeners to the precise locations of citizens to be targetted with machetes -- to the "hate-speech" of the Democratic candidates. Gah?!? This coming from a radio host who calls Tom Daschle "el diablo", and calls anti-war protesters "anti-American, anti-capitalist Marxists and communists".

Sorry, big guy, but I wont be back in 21 hours. If you're sad about this, I'm sure you have something around in which you can drown your sorrow.


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