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Wednesday, December 03, 2003


From blogger Dave Cullen, this is a good reason why I think Howard Dean should be the Democratic nominee.

When I read this, I found myself thinking about the campaigns of Clark, Edwards, Gephardt, and how they're still bumbling around trying to define their candidate and give him a proper soapbox. Meanwhile Howard's strategy rings of a grand vision for the future of electoral politics in America.

I can't decide on any one thing to excerpt from the linked entry, so you should definitely go check it out. The short version is, Dean essentially took his fundraising strategy and aimed it at Democratic Congressman Leonard Bosewll (D-IA) for a day. Boswell is on Karl Rove's 2004 hit list. Cullen prints an email from a Dean staffer saying that this is a preview of a grander election strategy regarding congressional candidates and others besides Dean himself. Now go read.


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